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School Conference Banners and Pennants

There are few things that people love more about high school and college sports than the pageantry. Long-standing conference rivalries, bitter grudge matches and colorful pasts are what shape a school’s identity – especially for its athletic teams. Just as you should celebrate your SchoolPride®, you should take pride in your conference. There is no better way to intimidate your non-conference opponents than by showing your conference dominance with SchoolPride® conference banners and boards.

SchoolPride® Conference Banners, Conference Markers and Conference Pennants are a great way to show your league spirit! When your team has risen to the top and claimed the conference championship, conference championship banners ensure that your school’s successes will not soon be forgotten. Every year upon entering your gymnasium, your opponents will be reminded of your dominance and SchoolPride®.

Conference Panel Boards & League Boards

Need a product other than a traditional banner to show your conference identity? We have lots of versatile ideas that look great and save your school money when your conference members change! 

These Boards are perfect to display all of the members of your school's district or league. Boards can also be designed to keep track of each member's ranking in that season's statistics. 

We can design your conference identity banners or boards in many shapes and sizes. Just tell us what you need to fill your space.


Nylon, Vinyl, PVC and Aluminum Banners & Boards

Although nylon school banners are our signature product, we also make gymnasium conference banners and boards in vinyl and aluminum!

Nylon Banners - Our Signature Product

Our double-sewn nylon banners hang without the curling you see in vinyl and other materials. Our customers love the matte finish, the way that the banners hang and the ease of updating for this product.

Digital Print Vinyl 

Digital printed vinyl banners allow our designers to be very creative. However, intense gym lighting can produce a "glare effect" from our competitor's vinyl banners. We use special materials that are the lowest glare in the industry for our digital vinyl banners.  

Aluminum & PVC

Aluminum hard boards are perfect for outdoor use at your sports field and indoor use in your gymnasium. The great thing about aluminum is that they look absolutely perfect all the time!  Make a statement with aluminum conference banners and boards.


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