ADs - Stop by our Booth #215 at NFHS / NIAAA - Washington DC - Dec 15-16


2018 AFCA Football Booth Bd20fa5cb30f0e685402429a7af8242d

Honor Your Legacy - Show Your Pride at the AFCA 2018.....

2018 LAXCon Baltimore MD F9211976dc3073803097611294c94df2

We celebrated six years of #LAXCon in Baltimore MD on January 19 & 20, 2018.  The Inner Harbor was busy with coaches, players and families who wanted to improve their "games". 

Austintown Fitch High School Hall Of Fame 83b1b218d725daaadacf89f258b23a39

Austintown Fitch took "Hall of Fame" to the Next Level.......

New Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet F0a4000232605c88a2cd38fa24bb7782

Cascade has a new lacrosse helmet that was released on July 1, 2013.  Let's take a look...

Westerville Central Occ Champions 1e77fc779a6e1691cb351587ead4f4aa


Will SchoolPride® Wing Lacrosse Decal make your team a champion? They did for Westerville Central! 


Beneditine Football Championship Board 782dbe65a568727942a0c1a10728ba28

Benedictine High School in Cleveland has the look!


Blog Lacrosse Helmet Wrap Instructions 95f641e03da5b0c523ea5cbb16a6dddf

We create our own custom templates for SchoolPride® Lacrosse Wraps.  This is how to apply our wraps by Helmet style.

Ladies Lx Lacrosse Wrap Panther 42b536407ad383aaae35af95c750865c

Some states are now requiring the ladies to wear helmets for high school competition.  The first major entry into this market is the Cascade LX lacrosse helmet.

Oregon Wing Lacrosse Helmet 74c0949b71bcc80fe4d605c321c801af

Lacrosse season is here.  Wraps of one of our most popular products.  Let's look at some of our recent designs...

Side Pirate Flag Decal Helmet 8ba5a05d02907e821619aba1ccd15888


Oversized football helmet decals are a national craze.  Want to know more?


Schoolpride Sidewalk Graphic Efbdefc2d57c2a2d1b62a6f626956256

Power Grip custom wall and floor graphics are our most popular new product.  

Shelby Gym Hard Championship Banners 478ca5d0d3642a57bf2c29baeebb24a9

At SchoolPride®, Championship Banners are our top selling product.  School gymnasium banners are a substantial investment in both money and time.  There are several material choices when it comes to Championship Banners in 2014. In order to choose the right product for your school, you need to understand your options.


Weight Lifting Record Boards 74a88a76b847a238f7162be8a8677512

Weight lifting record boards or "Strength Boards" are becoming more popular each day.   Because strength coaches have different needs, there are many different products that might work for a particular school or team.

Needham Swimming Record Board 884c57a2fb618033922f71c2b52db1f8

Swimming Record Boards are not just for Natatorium Pool areas.  We make large and small swim boards for college, high school and club teams all over the United States to fit their needs and budgets.

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