What is a Helmet Decal?
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Helmet Decals:  20 mil materials and Conformity

We work with teams throughout the world and, recently, we received a call from a youth group who wanted a quote on helmet decals. They had a very poor experience with their prior decals. They had gone to a local company that had made "cut vinyl" emblems for their league. The stickers would come loose or fall off of their helmets. True helmet decal material is a muti-layer process, that is made to adhere to the curves of the helmet shell. This is why true helmet decal manufacturers make claims about the thickness and conformability of their material.

Lacrosse Helmet Wraps can also be confusing to customers.  Many manufacturers use large format prints, that are very thin, to create helmet wrapz.  Although the product photos look excellent, they do not show you how much time and labor it takes to apply the thin material.  Infact, many of the sites encourage customers to use a blow drier to apply their wraps.  This just proves that the material used is not conformable.

There are two important components to helmet decal material: conformability and quality of adhesive. Typically, thicker material is able to conform better to the curves and undulations of your helmet than thinner material. The adhesive is the "secret sauce" of our industry. Our R&D allows us to determine the best overall ingredients for strength, conformability and useful life of the decal.

If you are still confused, ask the manufacturers that you are considering to send you a product sample.  Try to apply the sample and see how it performs before making your purchase.

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