Oversized Football Helmet Decals
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Helmet decals are a cornerstone of School Pride's product line and we are constantly trying to expand our offering in order to provide our customers with the most diverse product line in the industry. Our most recent innovation, the over-sized decal, allows schools to make a big statement.

The wings worn by the Oregon Ducks are perhaps the most iconic example of an over-sized decal.

However in recent years, over-sized decals have become increasingly popular, thanks in part to the proliferation of alternate uniforms in college football. Many programs have made over-sized decals a key feature of their alternate uniforms. Boise State's recent alternate uniforms featured a horse head that covered an entire side of their football helmets. Missouri's Nike alternate uniforms made waves when they replaced the usual Missouri M with an enormous yellow tiger. Northwestern also raised eyebrows with their black Under Armour uniform,s which displayed an over-sized, chrome wildcat on one side of the football helmet.

SchoolPride® is constantly working on new oversized football helmet decals for our customers.  Our design team recently manufactured this huge, red chrome pirate flag. It looks great on a black helmet.

Chrome Pirate Flag Oversized Football Decal Helmet

Oversized wings have also been very popular.  This metallic chrome and forest green wing is enormous.  A pair of these wings takes up most of the helmet's surface area.

Chrome Oversized Wing Football Decal

The dolphin decal below looks as if it's on fire in orange and yellow.

Burning Dolphin Oversized Football Decal Helmet

Our final oversized example is this green dragon with a red tongue and eye.  

Dragon Oversized Decal On Helmet

We have a full time design team waiting to create custom over-sized football decals to your exact specifications. If you would like to place an order or have an questions please contact us at 866-774-3348.


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