Batting Helmet Awards

Stock Award Pricing

SizeQuantity Price
1" 1-20 $4.00
1" 21+ $3.00
3/4" 1-20 $3.75
3/4" 21+ $2.75

Custom Award Pricing

1" 10+ $5.00
3/4" 10+ $4.00

Chrome Awards, add $.60/sheet

Matte awards, add $.50/sheet

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Custom and Stock Batting Helmet Awards

SchoolPride's® Stock Awards can be printed in nearly any color on white, or clear backgrounds. Designs are chosen from samples shown above.

There are 25 awards on each sheet. There is no minimum order for stock awards.

Custom Awards are any design other than those listed above as Stock Awards. There is a 10 sheet minimum order for Custom Awards with 25 awards per sheet.


True Helmet Decal Material - 20 mil

Our proprietary formulation of materials is thick, conforming to helmets and easy to apply.  They are formulated to conform to the curve of your helmet and can "take a hit."

Material for Major Universities

Our decals are manufactured for major NCAA college programs all over the US.  You can be certain that you are buying the best material possible for your college, school, youth or pop warner football team!

When you choose a helmet decal manufacturer, it is important that they are not using cut vinyl, that will not conform properly to the helmets and will peel and bubble.