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Lacrosse Helmet Decals - Extreme

Completely Custom Decals for Your School or Team designed by our artists!

Pair 1 Color 2 Color 3+ Color
15-49 $7.25 $8.25 $9.25
50-74 $6.40 $7.00 $7.60
75-99 $6.00 $6.60 $7.20
100 + $5.60 $6.20 $6.80

Need more than just side decals?  Check our budget friendly lacrosse helmet decal packs!

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• Chrome & Chrome Colors, add $2.50 per pair.

• Matte Decals, add $1.00 per pair.


Don't wear the same style helmets? Simply add $10 per helmet style, that doesn't meet the 15 minimum, to your order!

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Extreme Lacrosse Helmet Decals

Huge Lacrosse Helmet Stickers

Extreme Lacrosse Helmet decals are the oversized, multi-panel side decal solution for your lacrosse helmet graphic.  Our team of professional graphic artists will work with you to create the best possible look for your mascot in our extreme format.

SchoolPride® is the premier stop for youth, high school, club and college lacrosse helmet decals. SchoolPride® LAX Decals are made of tough, durable, thick 20 mil vinyl that is easy to apply without wrinkles and will last the entire season.


Helmet Types

Make your lacrosse helmets reflect your winning ways. We can design lacrosse helmet decals for your specific helmet type including STX, cascade, warrior & more!

• STX Stallion 100     • Cascade Pro-7    • Cascade CS Youth
• STX Stallion 500   • Cascade CLH2   • Cascade CPX
• Warrior    • Cascade CPX-R   • Warrior Regulator
• Brine Triumph   • Warrior T II   • Cascade CPV
• Cascade CPV-R   • Cascade R   • Cascade S
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