Austintown Fitch Hall of Fame Project
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Austintown Fitch Boosters wanted a Hall of Fame that would make their very special.  Each year a "class" of inductees was named and need to be properly recognized.  We created a graphic background that spanned the entire hallway with room for years of future classes to be installed as the induction classes are named.

 Austintown Fitch Sports Icons

Some areas have the AF Logo as a background and others have sports icons as represented in the photo above.  Induction class panels for this project look like this:

Austintown Fitch 2017 Induction Panel

We take the photos and print them on a single acrylic panel with puck-mount hardware to finish the professional look of this project.

This project is so large that it is difficult to get pictures that capture it.  Here are various photos that depict areas of the Austintown Fitch Hall of Fame.

Austintown Fitch Classes 12 14

Austintown Fitch Classes 15 17

Austintown Fitch Classes 9 12

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