How to Apply SchoolPride® Lacrosse Wraps
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Have you ever wondered how lacrosse wraps are applied to the helmet? We have a wonderful resource for each helmet style. Our instruction sheets should be in your box with each shipment of SchoolPride® Lacrosse Helmet Wraps. However, the PDFs are also available in the list below.

Cascade S

  Cascade S

Cascade R

  Cascade R

Cascade Pro 7

  Cascade Pro 7

Cascade CS Youth

  Cascade Cs Youth Wrap Instructions

STX 100

  Schutt Stx 100 Helmet Wrap Instruction

STX 500

  Schutt STX 500

STX 650

  Schutt Stx 650

Cascade CLH2

  Cascade Clh2

Cascade CPV-R

  Cascade Cpv R

Cascade CPV

  Cascade Cpv

Cascade R

  Cascade R

Cascade CPX

  Cascade Cpx

Cascade CS-R

  Cascade Cs R Wrap Instructions  

Warrior T2

  Warrior T 2

Warrior Regulator

  Warrior Regulator

Brine STR

  Brine Str

As helmet manufacturers release new lacrosse helmets to the market, we will update our wrap instruction files. Our Collegiate, High School, Club and Youth teams look very professional wearing our wraps. We are experts at taking one graphic and making it fit many helmet styles so that players can "bring their own helmet" and yet have a coheasive team appearance.



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