Ladies Lacrosse Helmet Decals, Kits & Wraps
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Cascade LX Decals, Kits & Wraps

Some states are now requiring the ladies to wear helmets for high school competition.  The first major entry into this market is the Cascade LX lacrosse helmet.  At SchoolPride® we went to work immediately to develop templates for this helmet that would allow the girls to look as good as the guys in their new helmets.

Lacrosse Side Decals

Our lacrosse side decals are perfectly sized to fit the helmet.  Examples of the Cougar decal and the UK decal are shown below.

Cascade Lx Side Helmet Decal Cougar


Cascade Lx Side Helmet Decal Uk

The UK side decal is shown in our chrome blue.  

Lacrosse Decal Kits

We have two choices in ladies lacrosse decal kits.  Our Standard Kit offers one pair of standard size side decals, a pair of side number and custom mohawk stripes.  Below are two kits that would be part of our standard kit line.

Standard Ladies Lx Kit Black

Standard Ladies Lx Kit Patriot

Our second kit is our Oversized Ladies Lacrosse Decal Kit.  Oversized Kits include a pair of oversized extreme side decals, side numbers and mohawk stripes, providing substantially more helmet coverage than our standard kits.  Below are designs for a dolphin look and a unicorn look.

Oversized Ladies Lx Kit Chrome Dolphin

Oversized Ladies Lx Kit Unicorn

Ladies Lacrosse Helmet Wraps

Finally, we can wrap the Cascade LX in custom graphics, using unlimited colors and creativity.  Here is a fierce panther design in brown, black and white on a light blue LX helmet.  

Ladies Lx Lacrosse Wrap Panther


Our “Reaper” helmet with dripping blood is for the ladies club lacrosse team that makes no apologies for being a major competitor on the field.

Ladies Lx Lacrosse Wrap Reaper

Call our designers today - 866-774-3348 - and have your custom helmet wraps designed by our artists.

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