Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet
Cascade R with Bulldog Decal

Lacrosse players love having the latest and greatest gear.  The newest entry into the lacrosse helmet market is the Cascade R helmet.  

According to Cascade's press release, the R has the most advanced impact management system that they have ever created.  It boasts proprietary liners that are built to absorb impact and the ability to be micro-adjusted on the fly.  Cascade believes that fit is the key to protecting players.

The R is a hybrid of the Cascade CPX-R and Pro 7, taking the best of both models and putting it into one helmet.  The R was designed for protection, style and a more universal fit.  Hopefully, this will mean that more teams can have matching helmets, rather than attempting to provide a better fit by changing models.

From a decal kit and wrap perspective, the Cascade R helmet tends to favor the CPX-R a bit more than the Pro 7.  It has a pronounced crown or ridge that our design team likes to refer to as it's "duck butt".  So much for technical terms...

In any case, as of July 1 2013, we have all of our Cascade R templates for decals, stripes, vents, back panels, decals packs and lacrosse wraps ready to go.  We can't wait to make the Cascade R helmet look fantastic.

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