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Westerville Central OCC Champions

At SchoolPride®, we love to see our client schools succeed. This year we were proud to see the Westerville Central Warhawks win the OCC championship for boys lacrosse. Throughout their season the Warhawks wore black helmets with a pair of our customized chrome hawk wings on either side.

At the collegiate level, both John Hopkins and Oregon have used wing decals on their lacrosse helmets. John Hopkins has used two different uniforms that feature wings. On special occasions, the Blue Jays have worn both white wings on a blue helmet and chrome wings on a black helmet. The Oregon Ducks lacrosse team also featured a chrome pair of their signature duck wings on an alternate uniform.

However, not all wing decals have to be chrome or a feature of alternate uniforms. Montclair State university, university of Hartford and Fort Lewis College are just a few of the universities that regularly use wing decals. Chrome decals can also be used independently. Last year during a game with Princeton, the University of North Carolina wore an alternate helmet that featured a chrome foot as its centerpiece.

SchoolPride® is making and shipping wing lacrosse decals & wraps each and every day. The green bat wing below is one example.

wing lacrosse decals

Another example, shown below, is this red chrome wing on a brine helmet.  It is perfectly designed to allow for the distinctive air vents of this particular helmet. 

wing lacrosse helmet decal

This multi-panel wing on a purple helmet is designed to break with the curve of the Warrior design.

wing lacrosse helmet decal

This colorful wing was designed with the Cascade R helmet in mind.  Gradients allow our artists to be extremely creative in wing helmet decal design.

lacrosse wing helmet decal

Finally, the yellow wing below is simple but effective for any bird mascot.

lacrosse wing helmet decals

We have a team of full-time designers ready to work with you to create custom lacrosse decals. Call us today at 866-774-3348 to begin the design process.

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Janet L. Brown

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A graduate of Otterbein University with a Bachelor's degree in Business & Organizational Communications, Janet discovered that the eye for detail and diverse skill set that she had developed in her early career as a litigation paralegal was perfect for the sports graphics business. View me on Google Plus

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