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Weight Lifting Records

Customers who contact us for our "Weight Room Record Boards" are typically one of our most diverse groups.  Why? -Because we have many different products that could fit the need.  We generally ask a lot of questions in order to determine which product is best.

Dry Erase Strength Boards

This product is the most popular weight room solution.  Not only can records and other information be handwritten with dry erase marker, but static clings or, as an upgrade, magnets can be used on these boards.  They generally work great as motivational boards, since they can easily be kept up to date.  Additionally, records can "start over" each season in order to track the progress of athletes in a particular sport.

strength board

This is an actual dry erase strength board that we made for Heidelberg University Football for the 2013 football season.

Overlay Boards

This product is for long term records.  Because of the design flexibility of the overlay system, coaches are able to display long-term weight lifting records in nearly any category. These boards are perfect to display indoors or outdoors.  Mascots and text can be printed or ghosted into these boards for a professional look.

weight lifting record board

This is an overlay weight lifting record board that we designed for Mt. Airy High School.  It provides permanent strength records for the school by weight class.

Easy Change Boards

For long term strength milestones, this the best looking board that you can hang in your facility.  Records are sub-surface and cannot be touched by student athletes.  All mascots, graphics and text are printed sub-surface.  For the most professional all time records display, easy change is the way to go!  

Beware of knock off boards that apply a large "decal print" of graphics to the exterior of the board - while claiming to be sub-surface. 


Add-A-Name banners are a great place to display the name of the athlete, weight class information and the particular record held.


Our series 100 plaque system or our series 600 compilation boards allow a hall-of-fame display for strength records. 

Photo Boards

Display photos of your top strength record holders.  Frames can be designed into multi purpose boards and combined with dry erase, overlay or easy change technology.

strength board

This is a multi-media strength board that we designed for the Riverside Rebels, combining written records with photo recognition.

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