Football Award Decals

Stock Awards Pricing

Size# of Sheets Price
1" 1-20 $4.20
1" 21+ $3.15
3/4" 1-20 $3.94
3/4" 21+ $2.89

Custom Awards Pricing

Size# of Sheets Price
1" 10+ $5.25
3/4" 10+ $4.20

Chrome Awards, add $.60/sheet 

Matte Awards, add $.50/sheet

award sheet with 25 reward decals for football*sheet of 25 awards


Custom Award Decal Samples

*sample custom awards

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Football Helmet Awards and Stickers

How can you spot the best player on the gridiron, even if you don't know a thing about football? Easy, look for the player whose helmet is adorned with the most football awards!

Reward Your Players

College, High School, Youth or Pop Warner, the best players on the field are rewarded for big plays and game winning razzle-dazzle with football awards: miniature football decals that are placed on the back of the players' helmets. Think Ohio State Buckeye Leaves!

SchoolPride® can help you create football helmet decals that remind every player on your team of their hard work and outstanding plays! What better way to reward your quarterback for throwing the game winning touchdown than with a prized football helmet award!


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