Lacrosse Awards

Stock Awards Pricing

Size# of Sheets Price
1" 1-20 $4.00
1" 21+ $3.00
3/4" 1-20 $3.75
3/4" 21+ $2.75

Custom Awards Pricing

Size# of sheetsPrice
1" 10+ $5.00
3/4" 10+ $4.00

Chrome awards, add $.60/sheet

Matte awards, add $.50/sheet 

Lax Award Sample

*sheet of 25 awards


Custom Award Decal Samples

*sample custom awards

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Lacrosse Stock Helmet Awards

SchoolPride's® Custom and Stock Lacrosse Helmet Awards

Reward your players successes on the lacrosse field with custom helmet stickers from SchoolPride®. Your team's gear will resemble that of the pros! Your players will get an added boost of confidence each time they take the field, showing your school's lacrosse power at home and on the road.

SchoolPride's® Stock Helmet Awards for lacrosse can be printed in nearly any color on white, or clear backgrounds. Designs are chosen from the mascots shown above. There are 25 awards on each sheet. There is no minimum order for stock awards.

Don't see a mascot that fits your teams logo or image? SchoolPride® can also design custom awards stickers. We can turn your team's mascot or colors into custom awards. Custom Helmet Awards are any design other than those listed above as Stock Awards and come with a 10 sheet minimum order for Custom Awards.