Lacrosse Helmet Wraps

Completely Custom Wraps for Your School or Team designed by our artists!

Number of Wraps

Unlimited Colors; Complete Coverage

15-49 $29.50 per wrap
50-99 $26.50 per wrap
100+ $23.50 per wrap

* wraps usually ship within 5 business days of artwork approval

• Chrome & Chrome Colors, add $8.00/wrap.

• Matte Decals, add $2.00/wrap. 

Helmet Wraps Plain to Insane

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  Plain To Insane Lacrosse Wraps Graphic

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Custom Lacrosse Wraps

From Plain to Insane... our helmet wraps provide complete helmet coverage of eye-popping custom graphics.  At SchoolPride® we design LAXWraps just for your lacrosse team, using your mascot, colors and ideas.  Make your lacrosse helmets more than just a protective device with custom helmet wraps for your entire squad.

Our Lacrosse Wrapz are easier to apply than most wraps on the market. Our proprietary helmet decal material conforms perfectly to each section of the helmet. We have the easiest to apply material in the industry! Don't settle for thin, non-conforming material supplied by other companies.  

Wrap your Helmets in 2018

Maximize team unity with a custom wrap design.  Our team is here to make your team look amazing!

What makes our LAXWraps Better and Easier to Apply?

What Football and Lacrosse coaches have always known is that thick, 20 mil material, with the proper adhesive, is made to conform to the curves of helmets and take the abuse of an entire season. That is why it is important that your helmet wrap is made of the time-proven materials used by major football and lacrosse programs.  Many of our competitors do not use thick, conforming material.  Their wraps can be very difficult to apply and may not stay on the helmets long-term.

You will not need any special equipment or expertise to apply our LAXWraps. We use the most conforming material available!   

Thick & Durable Lacrosse Helmet Wrap Kits

Jack your wraps for 2014! Lacrosse Wrap Kits allow you to look like the pro's. These kits are made from the same high-quality material as all of our other Helmet Decal Products. Get excited about this brand new product line from SchoolPride®. Set your team's look apart from your opponents, as you tally your goals for victory.  SchoolPride® wraps are the only way to wrap your head!

STX Stallion, Cascade R & Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Wrapz

Yes, we have Lacrosse Wraps for all of the newest helmets ready to go TODAY! Whether you just purchased the newest STX Stallion 100 or 500, Warrior Regulator, Easton GT or Cascade CPV-R helmets - or whether your team went with last year's new entry, the Cascade R - we are your decal source.

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