Instructions and Forms

Ohio Blanket Sales Tax Exemption Form

Required for Ohio Schools & Ohio Booster Groups and other Ohio 501(c)(3) organizations to avoid sales tax. Check the fourth box if you are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the IRS.

We charge Ohio Sales tax on all orders shipped within Ohio unless we have a completed form on file at the time that the order is shipped.

New Jersey - Business Registration Certificate

Our certificate is available here and our New Jersey Taxpayer ID number can be provided upon request.

Add A Year Instructions

Illustrate how to apply new years to your add-a-year banners.

Record Update Form

Order new records for your existing record boards.

Easy Change Instructions

will help you apply new records to Easy Change Boards.

Puck Mount Instructions

will guide you through the process of installing an Easy Change Board with a puck mount system.

3 Dimensional Front Bumpers for Football

America's Best Decals for 20 Years; Best Helmet Decals in the USA

Made in the USA