2018 American Football Coaches Assn AFCA -Charlotte NC
National Athletic Director's Show Booth

American Football Coaches Association

The AFCA met in Charlotte NC in January 2018. As a vendor at the show, we were able to talk to football coaches from the US, Mexico and Canada about out football helmet decals, Next Level 3 Dimensional Bumpers, Custom Dry Erase Coaching Boards and Recognition Products.

Coaching Boards

We displayed dry erase boards for depth charting, strength training and team goals.  Our boards have a guarantee against ghosting and staining and can be manufactured to take the following media types: dry erase, static cling, magnets.

2018 School Pride Ltd AFCA Booth


Record Boards

Record Boards and Next Level Player Boards were also available for the coaches to view.

No other company makes a completely sub-surface easy change record board. We are the expert in record boards for track, swimming, wrestling, basketball and all other sports.  We also demonstrated our "Pro-Series" boards as well as our custom printed acrylic panel boards to ADs and Coaches.

Football Helmet Decals

Coaches were able to see our custom football helmet decals in action on the 16 helmets that we displayed for the show.  We brought, examples of our work for colleges, high schools and youth teams.  We also brought a couple of unique "concept helmets". 

School Pride Ltd Football Helmet Decals AFCA 2018

Next Level 3 Dimensional Bumpers

We had a board to display our newest product: Next Level Decals. We are the only company making our 3D Decals in the US and, because of that, we can print the text and or the background, with color and patterns.

School Pride Custom 3 Dimensional Bumpoers

New for 2013

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Janet L. Brown

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