Lacrosse Decal Packs - (6 Item)

Completely Custom Decal Packs for Your School or Team designed by our artists!

Quantity 1 Color 2 Color 3+ Color
15-49 $11.75 $13.95 $16.25
50 + $11.25 $13.45 $15.75
100+ $10.75 $12.95 $15.25

These 6 Piece Packages Include:
• up-sized side decals
• back panel
• visor
• vent -or- mohawk stripes
• neck band
• personalized number panel

Don't wear the same style helmets? Simply add $15 per helmet style, that doesn't meet the 15 minimum, to your order! 

• Chrome & Chrome Colors, add $5.00/pack.

• Matte Decals, add $1.25/pack. 

View Examples of Lacrosse Helmet Designs

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2018 - Lacrosse Season

Our "Hybrid Decal Packs" give your team Color, Coverage and Price.  This is exactly what your school or team needs in 2016!

Hybrid Lacrosse Decal Packages

Our hybrid lacrosse helmet decal packs are the next best thing to full helmet wraps. These kits cover most of your helmet's surface area at a very reasonable price.  Up-Sized side decal (pairs) give your design that "over the top" look that will get your team noticed on the lacrosse field.

One Sheet - One Helmet

We can make your decals convenient for you to apply, or give to your players. One sheet, one helmet, it's that easy! Packages include side stickers, back panel, vent hole covers and number set. Call today for your free layout and design!

Lacrosse sticker packs from SchoolPride® are the best way to customize your helmet. LAX is not a gentle sport. Show your attitude with custom decal packages.

STX Stallion, Cascade R, CPV-R, Easton GT & Warrior Regulator Hybrid Decal Packs

Yes, we have Decal Kits for all of the newest helmets ready to go TODAY!  Whether you just purchased the newest STX Stallion 100 or 500, Warrior Regulator, Easton GT or Cascade CPV-R helmets - or whether your team went with last year's new entry, the Cascade R - we are your decal source.

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