Mesh & Wind Screen Banners

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Completely Custom Banners for Your School or Team designed by our artists!

"Printed Mesh" - Custom Printed Banners allowing air flow around field fencing

"Windscreen" - Plain air flow banners in 1 of 9 stock colors

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Large Outdoor Banners for Sports Fields - 3 Solutions:

1. Custom Printed Mesh Banners

Many schools and teams are adding colorful vinyl mesh wind screens to their facilities in order to brand their athletic programs. We will design and manufacture a custom mesh banner for your stadium, outfield fence or building exterior. Graphics are digitally printed in a multi-color process and are UV protected. Want your banner edges sewn and grommeted? No problem.

Our school sports mesh banners are a great way to brand your outdoor sports venues. Softball, baseball, football, lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, water polo and other athletic designs are available using your team's mascot and colors.

Does your pool need some team spirit? Mesh wind banners are the perfect way to decorate all of that fencing!

2. Plain School Athletic Field Windscreens

Windscreen banners are made from plain colored banner material that lets the wind pass through. We offer nine stock colors of windscreen: red, white, grey, brown, navy, tan, royal, black and green.  Grommets are placed every 18 inches.  The edges are double sewn and hemmed with 1.5" reinforced webbing.

3.  Combination Mesh & Windscreen

Many of our customers do not have the budget to custom print mesh banner for their entire fenced area.  Our solution is to custom print portions and combine it with stock colors of budget-friendly windscreen banner. 

Outfield Fence Mascots, Championships and Distance

Our mesh printed outfield fence banners are the very best way to brand your baseball or softball field, show your championships and mark your distance.

Mesh Wind Screen Technology

Why mesh banner graphics? Mesh vinyl banner screens allow the wind to pass through the material, making them more practical and durable for outdoor applications. Additionally, because it provides far less wind resistance, mesh material allows SchoolPride® to create huge outdoor graphics and text that really make a statement to your fans, students or the general public.

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