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Ribbons & Memorial Decals

$.70+ per ribbon
$10.00+ / memorial sheet
• Breast Cancer   Pink
• Prostate Cancer   Light Blue
• Autism   Puzzle
• Melanoma   Black
• Cervical    Teal/White
and More.....    

1.5" circles are the typical way to recognize the life of someone important to athletes or programs, who has passed.  Custom shapes and sizes are also available.

•  Standard     
•  Matte  
•  Chrome   


A free, custom design is included in the price of your helmet decals,.  Our Project Management Team will help you choose the best materials for your situation and space, then work with our Art Team to create an innovative  design using your mascot, colors and information.

Our custom helmet decal products can be shipped in as little as 3 to 5 business days.  Production time may slightly longer during peak season. An order is not placed until both payment and artwork approval are received. 

  • Materials

    • 20 mil Ultra 

  • Color

    Most Colors are available for Digital Prints.  Chrome & Matte colors are limited to colors available in the market.

Memorial & Support Ribbons

At SchoolPride®, we manufacture your helmet decal project using the best quality materials and the most creative custom design.  

Your project will be assigned a Project Manager who will work with our Art Team to make your vision a reality.

memorial football helmet sticker examples
Personalized football helmet ribbons

Ribbon & Memorial Decal Pricing

Support Ribbons

size1 color2 colors
1" x 2"

Memorial with Number

#62 memorial decals for helmets

Memorial Pricing

$10.00 /sheet**
** 2 sheet minimum order
$ .70 +
1 Material Choice
Free Design