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NamePlate Boards

Priced by Square foot & number of brackets

SchoolPride® Nameplate Boards are a top-notch product for both indoor and outdoor use. Boards Can be made of PVC (Indoor)  or Aluminum (Outdoor or Indoor).

Nameplate boards are great for showing team rankings, such as "cross country top ten" or "conference weekly standings".  Die cut top shapes and separate custom headers are also available.

Nameplate Boards can be designed to motivate athletes and show team or individual rankings. Custom headers can link multiple boards for amazing academic recognition walls.

  • Materials

    Aluminum, PVC

  • Color

    Most Colors are available for Digital Prints.  Substrate colors are limited to raw goods manufacturers options. We can also provide color matching / custom colors at an additional charge.

  • Size

    Standard and Custom sizes are available.  Our project managers and design staff can help you fill any space with Nameplate Boards.

Nameplate Boards

At SchoolPride®, we create your nameplate board project using the best quality materials and the most creative custom design. 

Your project will be assigned a Project Manager who will work with our Art Team to make your vision a reality.

channels for nameplate brackets to slide in
wall of excellence nameplate board
1 Material Choice
Free Design
schoolpride® name plate board artwork proof

Frequently Asked Questions

About SchoolPride® Nameplate Boards?

Nameplate boards have metal brackets that allow information to change by sliding brackets. Typical uses might include player rankings, game schedules, conference standings or state qualifiers.

Choosing Materials?

PVC - Indoor Use Only.  Economical

Aluminum -  Outdoor or Indoor Use.  Very durable.


Easy Change boards come complete with:

1. A set of "Nameplate" Slide Ins

2. Drilled Holes for Hanging

3. Installation Hardware, including decorative Metal Pucks

How do Nameplate Boards Work?

When your athletes break existing records, just call us up or email us.  We will provide a proof and quote of your new nameplates.  When you receive them, just slide the old nameplate out of the metal channel and slide the new one in.  The light mist will allow you to perfectly position the record.

Indoor Use? Outdoor Use?

Nameplate Boards can be designed for both indoor and outdoor use.  Outdoor boards should be made of aluminum.  PVC is not recommended outside.

Online Ordering?

Because our products need to be professionally designed, they cannot be ordered online.  A free design and a full written quote are part of our process.

tennis academy court pairings name plate board

Fast Delivery

Made With Care

Happy Customers

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Specialty Boards

We have a specialty board to meet any requirement.  All of our specialty board products can be created to accommodate future updates.

SchoolPride® Specialty Board Customers

JMU outdoor track record board aluminum
Findlay High School Record Boards football golf soccer