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Spring: Printed Mesh Fence Banners

8 February 2022 |  Staff Writer

custom printed mesh for college of wooster dug out
fairborn high school baseball printed mesh and windscreen fence banners
 agnes scott college tennis fence banner with player photos
Jonathan Alder Pioneers Baseball printed mesh and windscreen fence bannners

Windscreen AND Mesh Fence Banners - Brand Your Field

Windscreen banner material is available in several stock colors and allows wind to pass through.  This is the cost effective way to cover your outfield fences.

Printed mesh banner is a similar product that can be printed in many more colors with graphics and text included.

SchoolPride® printed mesh is a product designed with your custom graphics. We take care to create huge text and graphic combinations that make a statement. We design, print, cut, sew and grommet these banners in-house, providing the toughest seams and installing grommets every foot.

Another cost effective option is combining affordable windscreen banners with sections of printed mesh.  Both the Fairborn and Jonathan Alder designs above combine the two products.

Although windscreen and mesh fence banners have long been used for football and baseball, tennis programs have become huge adopters of this product. Program branding and fence championships are a great way to recognize your tennis program and athletes.

Weather Warning....
Although we take care to provide the most resilent product to stand up to normal winds and storms, it is your responsibility to take the fence banners down when high winds are forecast. Also, for maximum banner life, we recommend taking your fence banners down and storing them in the off season.

Also, wind slits are available at an additional charge, since they are very labor intensive.

worthington kilboune printed mesh banner stadium
grove city greyhounds printed mesh fence banner with championships
Olentangy bleachers with printed mesh banner
ashland university tennis mesh banner on fence
ohio state university football mesh banner
Pickerington Central Mesh Fence Banner
Bishop Hartley printed mesh fence banner with student photos
mentor high school baseball printed mesh fence banner
Waynesfield Goshen printed mesh banner with welcome text and ghosted tiger mascot